Payroll administration

We do the following;

  • Register the Company with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), and a Second Tier Pensions Trustee.
  • Provide assistance to employees to register with SSNIT and a Private Pension Services Provider.
  • Process the wages and salaries of employees in a company or organization.
  • Prepare a summary payroll journal to be captured in the accounting system for the representative office, if necessary.
  • Prepare the monthly Employment Income Tax Return (fill out the form designed by the tax office), and the monthly pension (1st and 2nd Tiers)
  • Assist the Company to remit the monthly payroll tax and pension to the Ghana Revenue Authority, Social Security and National Insurance Trust and the 2nd Tier Pensions service provider.
  • Keep and maintain an organized record of data, and respond to inquiries.